Stay Connected!

Our Pack calendar resides in Scout Mangager, but a calendar feed is available which allows options for connecting directly to it for tracking activities and overlapping it with their personal or work calendars. Here are some ways to stay connected.

IPhone or IPod Touch:

The IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch allow you to add additional calendars to view on the device. Basically the device takes the Pack calendar and displays it two ways. Either by just viewing the Pack calendar or by viewing the Pack calendar over your personal calendar on your phone. You can change the way the calendar is viewed at anytime very easily. This DOES NOT modify your calendars on the phone in any way. To add the Pack calendars to your IPhone or IPod Touch follow the steps below.

1. On your IPhone go into the Settings button. Then select “Add account.”
2. You will be given a list of different types of accounts you can add, such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, etc. At the bottom select “Other.” The next menu will have sections titled Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. In the calendar section select “Add Subscribed Calendars.” The next screen you see will have a prompt “Server” and in light grey you’ll see “”
3. In the prompt copy the following text EXACTLY as it’s shown. (If you display this post on your phone, you can also copy and paste.)

For the Pack Events use:

4. Select next and follow the prompts. Your phone will search the web and connect to the calendar. And you’re done!
5. Repeat above steps to add additional calendars.

Your Own Google Calendar

Don’t have a fancy smart phone?  Why not create your own Google Calendar for other family events, and then add the appropriate pack calendars to overlay your family calendar?  On a single calendar, you can view all your relevant appointments without all the re-typing.  Follow the steps below to create your own combined calendar:

1. Go to and click on ‘Create an Account’.  Note: If you currently have a gmail account or other google account, you can add a calendar to that account.
2. Follow the prompts to create an account, and log-in.
3. Click on ‘Calendar’ from the top menu.
4. Add the pack calendars to your new calendar:

a. Under ‘Other Calendars’ click on ‘Add’

b. Select ‘Add by URL’

c. Copy and paste the appropriate URL in the box:

For all Pack Events use:


Google Calendars can be added to you blackberry using the free blackberry application ‘Google Sync’.  Follow the following steps to set up your Blackberry phone:

1. Because Google Sync will only synchronize calendars associated with one account, it is best to first create your own family Google Calendar and add all desired calendars to this new calendar.  Follow the steps in the previous section to complete this.
2. Once all your desired google calendars are viewable on your own google calendar, you can view detailed instructions on setting up the application here:
3. Once the application is installed on the phone, simple enter the email address associated with your personal google calendar, and you will be given a choice of which associated calendars to display.
4. If your Blackberry phone is connected to a corporate BES server, and you do not wish the new google calendars to appear on your corporate calendar (ie Microsoft Outlook at your office), be sure to change your default calendar to something other than your desktop calendar.

View Calendars in Microsoft Outlook

If you are a regular Outlook user already, it might make sense to make the pack (and school) calendars available along with your current Outlook calendar. Outlook 2007 makes this very simple. (Note: Outlook 2003 does not support his functionality, but it can be adapted with the installation of an add-in program that can be found here.)

Open Outlook and go to Tools / Account Settings.

In Account Settings choose the Internet Calendars tab, click on New… and Paste the URL for the calendar you wish to add from the previous section into the location and click Add.

You then get to the subscriptions screen. Give the calendar a name and description and click OK.

You can now see the calendar in the list in the Outlook sidebar panel.

That is all there is to it! You can repeat the process for each calendar you wish to add.  When finished you may view the calendars side by side, or ‘overlay’ them to see them on a single calendar:

The advantage of connecting to calendar, aside from saving quite a bit of data entry, is that your calendar is instantly updated whenever one of your subscribed calendars changes.  If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.

Join Us at Rocket Camp!

rocketcampScouts and their families will be able to combine some of their favorite things — the outdoors and projectiles — into one fun-packed weekend in April.  Rocket camp will take place April 8 – 10 at nearby Firestone Scout Reservation.  Families will bring their own camping gear and food and camp with hundreds of other scouting families for this event, which includes shooting off rockets, archery, BBs, slingshots, and more.  If you do not wish to bring food or to cook, an optional meal plan can be purchased.

Firestone is the same location where summer day camp is held – off of Tonner Canyon road in north Brea.  Camp starts after 4:00 on Friday and concludes on Sunday morning.

This camp is extremely popular, and sells out early every year.  Because of this, we must get our reservation in this month.  Please check your calendars and sign up as soon as possible if you can make it.  Families with little or no camping experience should not be intimidated, as there are plenty of pack families with extra gear and experience to help out.

The cost is $30 per person, which includes 1 rocket ($25 for campers who do not wish to launch a rocket).  An optional 4-meal plan can be purchased  for $20 per person.  Children under 4 years old are free.

Please sign up HERE.

More information can be found in the camp’s camping guide.  More specifics will be given to families that sign up.   This should be a very easy but fun outing for the boys and their families!

Please RSVP for Our Blue & Gold Party!


Our annual Blue and Gold Banquet is approaching quickly and once again we look forward to some fabulous food, fellowship, and fun.  This is a special night for us as it commemorates 37 years as a pack at St. Angela.  The banquet is a catered event for the entire family which includes rank advancement, special awards and recognition, and culminates in the prestigious Bridging Ceremony for our Webelos II’s moving into Boy Scouts.

Please join us on Saturday, February 20th from 4:15pm to 7:00pm in the Church hall to celebrate the achievements of our boys. We have shortened the event by 30 minutes from previous years, but it will still be packed with fun. Because of the space limitation in the hall, this invitation is limited to Scouts and their immediate family only.  Webelos II families that are bridging may invite up to 4 additional people to attend.  We ask that every family RSVP by Monday, February 8th (whether it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’) so that we can be sure to have the right amount of food for everyone in attendance.  

All of our Scouts and leaders, dressed in their best Class A uniforms, will gather at 4:15 for our pack picture.  The program will start at 4:30. This will be an event you will not want to miss!

Please R.S.V.P. here.




Join Us for Scout Sunday on February 7

St. Angela Merici Church will celebrate Scout Sunday on February 7th.
All Cub Scout and Boy Scout families (of any unit) are invited to join together at the 9:30 mass to show their commitment to a Scout’s “duty to God” and to honor the founding of the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.
Scouts are requested to assemble in front of the church in full Class A uniforms no later than 9:15 a.m. for a color guard and procession into church.  
Pack 811 families are encouraged to attend Scout Sunday to show our commitment to honoring our youth ministry at our Chartered Organization St. Angela Merici.


Pinewood Racers Speed to Victory!

The pack’s annual Pinewood Derby was held this past weekend and it was yet another opportunity for our boys and scouting families to have fun and do their best.  Nearly 60 cars handcrafted by Scouts, siblings, and “big kids”, raced down the shiny track, and the 8 fastest competed in a final champion round.

While we always have clever designs at our races, this year our boys came up with some really ingenious creations. The design winners for each category, as voted on by those who attended, are:

Best Paint Job:
Ben W., Jonah T., Luke P.
Best Scouting Theme:
Joshua W., Mitchell D., Ryan S.
Fastest Looking:
Matthew E., Christopher S., Zachary W.
Best Use of Stickers:
Justin R, Sebastian S., Luke P.
Scariest Looking:
Jeffrey M., Dominic C., Moises D.
Most Patriotic:
Mitchell D., Joseph T., Ryan S.
Most Hilarious:
Jordan W., Dominic C., Dean K. 
Tastiest Food:
David L., Sebastian D., Vincent N.
Best Sports Theme:
Noah G., Dean K., Ryan S.
Best Superhero Hero:
Zachary W., Luke P., Keagan C.
Most Futuristic:
Collin H., William J., Hunter T.
Best Video Game Theme:
Ian R., Dean D., Parker M.
Best Name:
Diego C., Cruz P., Oliver M.

The Race Medal Winners from each den are:

Tigers: (1st place) Oliver M. (2nd place) Luke P. (3rd place) Jordan W.
Wolves: (1st place) Diego C. (2nd place) Cruz P. (3rd place) Ryan S.
Bears: (1st place) Matthew E. (2nd place) Dean D. (3rd place) Dominic C.
Webelos: (1st place) Justin R. (2nd place) Dean K. (3rd place) William J.
Webelos II: (1st place) Justin S. (2nd place) Collin H. (3rd place) Ian R.

Kelan D. took first place in Sibling Race, and Mike Rivera took first place and bragging rites for the next year for winning the “young at heart” race.

A close finals round with some of the 8 fastest cars determined the Pack Champions:

First Place:  Justin S. with his car “The Green Machine”
Second Place:  Collin H. with his car “Warp Speed”
Third Place:  Justin R. with his car “The Rise of the Phoenix”

Of course, this fun event could not have taken place without the dedicated volunteer pit crew led by Event Chair Remon Girgis. This crew took care of the hundreds of details required for such an event, including activities such as assembling, decorating, procuring, cooking, operating, printing, recording, calculating, announcing, cleaning, and inspiring.

Photos of the event will be posted soon. If you have some pictures that you can share, please upload them for all to enjoy. Individual race times and placements are available upon request.

Congratulations Scouts, and thank you scouting families!  Here is a composite of this year’s creative designs:


Our Time to be Helpful for Those in Need

Dear Pack 811 Families:

One of our Pack’s most important service project is coming up in the next few weeks. Our Cub Scouts will be assisting the ACT Office with their food drive. This is a great event to show our scouts that their service can make a big impact to those who are less fortunate. We could not conduct this drive in November like we have in previous years due to conflicts in the church calendar. We heard from the ACT office that they are having a difficult time securing enough donations to meet the needs of the community they serve, so they are really depending on our Scouts!

Saturday, January 9, and Sunday, January 10, our scouts will distribute grocery bags after all the masses. We need a minimum of 4 scouts for each Mass to cover all the Church exits. You do not have to attend the particular Mass you signed up for. All you need to do is show up before the Mass ends and spend 15 minutes or so distributing grocery bags. Scouts must wear their class A uniform.

Saturday, January 16, and Sunday, January 17, our scouts will assist with the collection of filled bags from the parishioners before each Mass. We will have tables at the plaza where parishioners can drop off their food donations. The scouts will bring the food they have collected to the ACT office. We need the help of at least 5 scouts and their families for each shift.  Scouts may bring their wagons if they have them to help them transport the bags. Class A uniforms are to be worn again.

Please click on the link below to sign up for your shifts. If you can spare the time, please sign up for as many shifts as you can make.  Note that this service opportunity also fulfills an advancement requirement for various ranks.

>> Sign-up Here<<

Let us show our parish and our community what Pack 811 is all about!  You are also encouraged to distribute the flyers in your neighborhood, and offer to collect food from your neighbors!



Join Us for Christmas Caroling this Saturday!

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!
Families please join us in spreading holiday cheer and joy to the patients at Agape Cottages Senior Homes!  This is a wonderful service project.  Agape Cottages provides care for many Dementia, Alzheimer, and elderly patients in the comfort of single family homes.  It is not common for these homes to be visited so we are excited at the opportunity to sing carols for these patients.


On Saturday, December 5th we will be meeting at 3PM at St. Angela Merici benches and soon after depart to the homes for Christmas Caroling.  Then after we will meet back at SAM benches to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies while celebrating the joys of spreading happiness.


Everyone in the family is invited to join us!
Happy Caroling,
Cub Pack 811

Derby Racers Get Ready!


Greetings Pack Families,

It’s that time of year to start planning for turkey, stuffing, and pinewood derby cars.  Our annual derby will be held on Sunday, January 24th at 1:30 pm in the SAM Hall.  Even though this sounds like a long ways off, it is never too early to start designing the winning race car.  Your kit can be obtained from your den leader over the next few weeks (or contact Mr. Remley if you would like to pick one up this weekend).  Race day is a fun event for the entire family. 

Remember that all adults and siblings are also encouraged to participate.  Last year’s “adult” race winner is 12 years old now, and looking to defend his title.

For those Scouts and families new to the event, we will have a short information session to help you get started next month.  Details will be sent out separately.  Please click on the image below to get a copy of the official rules, and be sure to read them thoroughly as a few items have changed.  A few rules to pay especially close attention to:  

  1. The wheels and axles must be obtained from the B.S.A. pinewood derby kit.  All 4 wheels must roll on the ground, and there are specific rules on how the wheels can be sanded.
  2. Weight and dimension limits are strictly enforced. 5.0 oz is the absolute maximum weight.  You will want to get as close to this as possible.
  3. A “stand” is purely optional, but if you create one, it must be within the specified dimensions if it is to be used.

There are plenty of ideas for designs in our photo albums, as well as on-line.  The best design, of course, is the one your Scout comes up with on his own.

There are openings this year on the official derby pit crew.  We need help with setup, decorating, race operations, food service, and check-in.  All of these roles do not take much time, and are highly sought after for the prestige they bring to any professional resume. Please contact Remon Girgis to sign up.   



Boy Scout Campout

Greeting Webelos Scouts,

Troop 811 has once again invited our Webelos Scouts to an overnighter with the troop in the SAM grove.  Webelos will be taught firemaking, knots, first aid, and other Scouting skills.  The overnighter starts on Saturday, Nov 21 at noon, and concludes by 10am on Sunday.   A parent is welcome, but not required to attend.  A parent may opt to drop off their Webslos Scout at noon, stay for dinner and the campfire on Saturday only, or spend the night.  There is no charge for Webelos Scouts, and a $5 charge for parents who stay for dinner.  Note this is a requirement for the AOL badge.  See more information on the flyer below.

Please let us know if you can make it on our sign up page HERE.



It’s Time to Camp!


Hello Pack Families,

Our next fun event is a short overnight camping trip on Friday, November 6th, at the Firestone Scout Reservation.  This will be a very short outing that is designed to introduce basic outdoor skills and have fun as a pack.  We will meet at Firestone anytime after 4:30 pm on Friday and setup camp.  We will enjoy a campfire and enjoy some skits and company. On Saturday morning we will cook and enjoy a hearty breakfast, followed by some archery and some rank requirements for each den.  We will be leaving by 1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, allowing parents plenty of time to prepare for their Saturday evening plans.  

An overnight camp outing is a requirement for the Wolf and Bear ranks, and this will be the last pack over-nighter before the February Court of Honor.  All pack families are encouraged to take advantage of this outing.  The cost is only $5 per CubScout, and $15 per family member.  This includes the camp fees, archery activity, breakfast, and snacks.  All families would bring their own tents and sleeping bags.  Siblings are welcome and can participate in all of the activities at camp.

All families who would like to attend camp must sign up by Monday, November 2nd. on our Sign-up page, and complete a consent form for all youth attending

Urgent Popcorn Reminder!

Hello Scouts and Parents!

Don’t forget the deadline to place order for Show and Deliver popcorn orders is this Monday, August 31st.  This method of selling popcorn is one of the easiest!   Here’s how it works:

  1. You order your own bags of popcorn from our brilliant and ever-popular Pack 811 website.
  2. Your popcorn order will be ready for pick-up from your Pack Leadership team on September 19th
  3. Sell popcorn directly to customers face-to-face!  Research has shown that customers are much more willing to purchase if they can obtain the product immediately!  This method also saves a lot of time since your customers don’t have to wait for an order to be filled.  Also, it isn’t necessary to make a return visit to your customers to deliver their order or collect payment, since the transaction occurs up front!
  4. Money collected for the sale of popcorn will not be due until after you sell the popcorn.

Please click HERE to place your order no later than August 31st to ensure your desired inventory will be available for you.   Additional orders may be placed after this date, but will be limited to on-hand inventory. Please choose the amount carefully because you are responsible for all the popcorn and kits you order.

You can also take orders using the order form sent to you from Trail’s End.  You simply “take orders” from friends and family and deliver their popcorn and kits when the products arrive in November.  If you can’t find your order form, you may download a copy here.

Finally, we are working on the schedule for Show and Sell. We will be selling popcorn and kits at various local businesses and retailers. Details and schedules for these Show and Sell opportunities will follow as soon as the schedule is finalized, so stay tuned!  Any scout who participates in the Show and Sell shift will be included in a drawing for some cool prizes.

As on the past, the money earned through popcorn and first aid sales is essential to fund all of our events and awards. We need EVERY family to participate in some way.

Good luck everyone!

Yours in Scouting,

Jo Rivera


Are YOU Ready To Be A ‘Pop Star’?

Hello Scouts!

Although our Scouting year has just begun, it is time to get ready for our annual fundraising season.  We sell Trail’s End Popcorn and Right Response First Aid kits to raise money for our pack’s activities. Be on the lookout for your popcorn order form to be delivered in the mail from OCBSA.  The First Aid Kit order forms will be distributed at our next Pack Meeting on September 20th. There are a number of great prizes from OCBSA this year, and as usual, Pack 811 will have additional prizes and sales incentives for you!  We’ll give you those details at the Pack Meeting on September 20th as well.

You don’t have to wait to start accepting popcorn orders!  You may begin as soon as you receive your order form!  As an incentive, we will raffle off some other cool prizes for any scout who brings in just $100 in orders on their order sheet to our September Pack Meeting  We’ll have more details on this shortly.

We sell popcorn and kits in THREE WAYS. The first is by Take-Order. Using the order forms, you simply “take orders” from friends and family and deliver their popcorn and kits when the products arrive in November. The second method is Show and Sell. We will be selling popcorn and kits at various local businesses and retailers. Details and schedules for these Show and Sell opportunities will follow as soon as the schedule is finalized, so stay tuned!  Any scout who participates in the Show and Sell shift will receive credit for the popcorn sold and will be included in a drawing for some cool prizes.

The last method is Show and Deliver. You order your own bags of popcorn and kits which you can sell directly to customers door to door beginning September 19th. Please click HERE to place your order no later than August 31st. Please choose the amount carefully because you are responsible for all the popcorn and kits you order. There are no returns. Also, the Show and Deliver popcorn cannot be used to both fill your Take Order Sales and be counted as Show and Deliver. In other words, you cannot double count.

As on the past, the money earned through popcorn and first aid sales is essential to fund all of our events and awards. We need EVERY family to participate in some way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email.  Additional popcorn order sheets can be found here.   Good luck and happy selling!

Yours in Scouting,

Jo Rivera


Bread of Angels Service Project – Next Saturday

img_3615Greetings Pack 811!

Our last summertime event will be next Saturday, August 29th, when we assist the Bread of Angels Ministry in serving meals to those in need here in Orange County.   For those of you have not yet had the opportunity to assist, you will find this both a memorable and rewarding experience.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the Pack to give back to our community, support the Church’s mission and present a wonderful life lesson to our young boys.

We will need two shifts of helpers for the event.  First shift will be from 7am to 9:30am and the second shift will be from 9:30-12:00pm.  All the meals are prepared by the Bread of Angels staff in the Church Hall at St. Angela Merici.  Parents may be needed to help in the kitchen and in the hall to help serve the guests. The scouts are needed to help take orders (for lunch only; breakfast is self-served) and serve food to the guests. (The boys will not be able to help in the kitchen due to their young age.)  The boys can serve and interact with the guests during the day.

We are limited to 8 scouts per shift.  The uniform for this event will be the Pack T-shirts.  Parents, you might want to bring a kitchen apron if you have one.

Signing up for the event is easy! Just click > HERE <and complete your information.We look to forward to seeing you all there!


Pack 811 Go Karts Race to Victory!


Saturday’s gray skies and threatening clouds weren’t enough to keep Pack 811 families from enjoying a thrilling day at the races!  Nestled in the charming North Hills area of Brea with the sounds of cheers and applause from fans of every age, Pack 811 Scouts zoomed down the raceway on Oakcrest Avenue, powered only by eagerness, determination, and gravity.   The Go-Karts, hand built by Scouts and their parent pit crews, survived the rugged asphalt course and earned each of their drivers a place in the annals of pack race history.

The race would not have been possible without the kindness of the friendly residents Oakcrest Avenue.  A special thank you goes to Vicky and David Ladjevic for obtaining permission from their neighbors to make use of their street for the day.    An event such as this is never possible without the effort of many helpful volunteers, including a few special siblings (Matthew R., Bradon H., Alizea H.) who hauled weights and go-karts up the hill dozens of times!  The Pack would also like to thank all of the parents who assisted with set-up, clean-up and hauling of materials for the event.

Nineteen teams competed for design awards.  The teams of “Vinny Paul“, “Zelda“, “Hinz Racing“, “Cruz’n“, “Space Race“, “Blue Dogs“, “Mac“, “Blue Lava“, “Cuya“, “Barca“, “Dom Vader“, “Vin-Dar”, “Blue Flames”, “Flying Dalmations”, “DeLaCruz Flyer”, “Speedy Steve” “Team Raptor”, “Super Chargers”, and “OliverCool” each won a coveted Pack 811 Racing patch for their members.   The fastest of the racers also brought home medals!  In 1st place: Christopher S., 2nd place: Ryan S., and 3rd Place: Jack S.

As usual, Pack 811 Scouts demonstrated exemplary team work, courage and sportsmanship.

Thank you to all the racers and race fans!

IMG_6091 IMG_6093

Family Camp Info

Hello Pack Family Campers!

Family Camp is less than 3 weeks away, so it is time to start getting all your camping gear lined up for a fun weekend at the beach!  A few details are listed below, and more info will follow shortly!

We will be camping at the Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center in San Pedro where we will be swimming, canoeing, row boating, kayaking, AND have a number of other optional activities to choose from!


The address is 3000 Shoshonean Road, San Pedro.  Click here for directions to the camp site.  Please plan to arrive between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  Although San Pedro is not terribly far away, do consider the ubiquitous L.A. traffic when scheduling your departure time.


Camp will provide all meals on Saturday, as well as Sunday breakfast.  Each family should bring their own picnic dinner for Friday evening.  It’s not too early to start getting your gear lined up for the trip, so please click here for the complete list of items to bring.


The weekend schedule is being finalized by the Camp Director and will be provided to you soon.  However, here are a few general scheduling items to note:  After we are set up camp on Friday, everyone who will be doing any activity in the water must complete a SWIM CHECK. This is intended to help identify those who can go on the water crafts alone and those who can swim in the deep end of the pool.


As we have done in the past, we will be having our Pack Family Campfire on Saturday evening. We would like every family to participate by performing a skit, song, or other performance. Families may work with other families.  Pack Family Campfire promises to be a hoot!

waterfront from jetty