Leader Job Descriptions

The Pack Committee

Every pack is under the supervision of a pack committee. This Committee consists of a minimum of three members, each of whom agrees to abide by the Scout Oath and Law, to respect and obey the laws of the United States of America, subscribes to the BSA statement of religious principle, is of good character, is 21 years of age or older, and is registered as an adult leader of the BSA.  One of these members is designated as pack Committee Chair.

These responsibilities belong to all Committee members:

  • Recruit the Cubmaster, Den Leaders and other adult leaders.
  • With the Cubmaster, ensure a year-round, quality program for all scouts.
  • Attend at least one District Roundtable per quarter.
  • Help stimulate the interest and involvement of other pack parents.
  • Complete appropriate training and encourage other adult leaders to obtain appropriate training for their positions.
  • Encourage all leaders and boys to have and properly use the uniforms, badges, and insignia.
  • Provide encouragement and recognition to fellow pack leaders.

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The Pack Committee Chair’s responsibilities are to:

    • Recruit additional volunteers to assist where needed.
    • Keep the Chartered Organization Representative informed of the needs of the pack that must be brought to the attention of the organization or the district.
    • Confer with the Cubmaster on policy matters relating to Cub Scouting and the chartered organization.
    • Assist the Cubmaster plan a year-round, quality program for all scouts.
    • Supervise Committee operation by
      • Calling and presiding at pack leaders’ meetings, usually held monthly.
      • Assigning duties to Committee members.
      • Planning for pack charter review, roundup, and re-registration.
      • Approving bills as required before payment by the pack treasurer.
      • Work with the Chartered Organization Representative to provide adequate and safe facilities for meetings.
      • Work with the Committee and the Cubmaster on fund raising events.
      • Keep the Committee and pack informed of relevant pack business.
      • Arrange for leader awards as appropriate

The Assistant Committee Chair’s responsibilities are to:

      • Directly assist with the Pack Committee Chair with his or her responsibilities.
      • In the event the Pack Committee Chair is unable to serve, assume all responsibilities until a permanent successor is found.

The Treasurer’s responsibilities are to:

      • With the help of the Committee and Cubmaster, establish an annual budget that supports a sound financial program for the pack.
      • Maintain a bank account in the pack’s name and insure a minimum of (2) other active registered Pack Leaders are signatures on the account.
      • Approve all budget expenditures. Check all disbursements against budget allowances, and pay bills by check. The pack Committee Chair, along with the Treasurer, must approve non-budgeted expenditures and any expenditure over $500 before payment.
      • Keep up-to-date financial records.  Enter all income and expenditures under the proper budget category in the finance record.
      • Reconcile the bank statement with the financial record on a monthly basis.
      • Track registration (re-charter) payments for all scouts.
      • Provide the following to the Pack Committee Chair and Cubmaster on a monthly basis:
        • Simplified income and expense statement
        • Simplified Balance Sheet
        • Copy of monthly bank statement and reconciliation report.
      • Make regular monthly reports to the Committee on the pack’s financial condition at the pack leaders’ meeting (in person or by proxy).
      • Coordinate and document a quarterly audit of pack financial records by a non-pack leader once a year.

The responsibilities of the Advancement Coordinator are to:

      • Recruit additional volunteers to assist where needed.
      • Have a working knowledge of the Cub Scout advancement plans.
      • Maintain advancement records in ScoutTrack program.
      • Prompt Den Leaders to enter advancement reporting in ScoutTrack.
      • Purchase badges and insignia as needed from the local scout store or council service center.
      • Provide Den Leaders with advancement report and awards for distribution at pack meetings.
      • Assist with advancement recognition ceremonies as needed.
      • Promote the wearing and proper use of uniform and insignia.

The responsibilities of the Quartermaster are to:

      • Maintain asset inventory list of all pack equipment and other assets, including:
        • Item and description
        • Manufacture’s item number, source, and cost (if available)
        • Storage Location
        • Condition
      • Make equipment available to pack leaders as needed.
      • Insure storage locations are secure and appropriate.
      • Make recommendations to the Committee for additional or replacement equipment as needed.
      • Conduct an annual asset inventory with at least one non-pack leader parent and provide the documented summary of the audit to the Committee, Cubmaster and Den Leaders.
      • Recruit additional volunteers to assist where needed.

The responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator are to:

      • Welcome all new pack families into the pack.
      • Stimulate interest and excitement with parents.
      • Recruit an event coordinator for each pack event.
      • Work with the event coordinators to recruit event committees for each pack event.
      • Provide additional recruits for the Committee as needed.
      • Provide relevant information to parents and volunteers to help them understand their duties.
      • Know which leaders to seek guidance from for details about running various events

The responsibilities of the Religious Emblem Coordinator are to:

      • Promote a faith based environment with other pack leaders.
      • Work with Den Leaders to make resources for other religious patches and awards available.
      • Promote the Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei religious emblems within the pack.
      • Make emblem workbooks and other collateral available to scouts.
      • Coordinate completed workbook review with parents, parish, and the Orange County Catholic Committee on Scouting.
      • Promote the Rosary and Saint patches within the pack.
      • Works with other leaders to insure proper recognition is given.
      • Attends leader meetings and assists the pack committee  as needed.
      • Conducts oneself according to the Scout Oath and Law, and is a good example for both boys and parents.

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