Are YOU Ready To Be A ‘Pop Star’?

Hello Scouts!

Although our Scouting year has just begun, it is time to get ready for our annual fundraising season.  We sell Trail’s End Popcorn and Right Response First Aid kits to raise money for our pack’s activities. Be on the lookout for your popcorn order form to be delivered in the mail from OCBSA.  The First Aid Kit order forms will be distributed at our next Pack Meeting on September 20th. There are a number of great prizes from OCBSA this year, and as usual, Pack 811 will have additional prizes and sales incentives for you!  We’ll give you those details at the Pack Meeting on September 20th as well.

You don’t have to wait to start accepting popcorn orders!  You may begin as soon as you receive your order form!  As an incentive, we will raffle off some other cool prizes for any scout who brings in just $100 in orders on their order sheet to our September Pack Meeting  We’ll have more details on this shortly.

We sell popcorn and kits in THREE WAYS. The first is by Take-Order. Using the order forms, you simply “take orders” from friends and family and deliver their popcorn and kits when the products arrive in November. The second method is Show and Sell. We will be selling popcorn and kits at various local businesses and retailers. Details and schedules for these Show and Sell opportunities will follow as soon as the schedule is finalized, so stay tuned!  Any scout who participates in the Show and Sell shift will receive credit for the popcorn sold and will be included in a drawing for some cool prizes.

The last method is Show and Deliver. You order your own bags of popcorn and kits which you can sell directly to customers door to door beginning September 19th. Please click HERE to place your order no later than August 31st. Please choose the amount carefully because you are responsible for all the popcorn and kits you order. There are no returns. Also, the Show and Deliver popcorn cannot be used to both fill your Take Order Sales and be counted as Show and Deliver. In other words, you cannot double count.

As on the past, the money earned through popcorn and first aid sales is essential to fund all of our events and awards. We need EVERY family to participate in some way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email.  Additional popcorn order sheets can be found here.   Good luck and happy selling!

Yours in Scouting,

Jo Rivera