Urgent Popcorn Reminder!

Hello Scouts and Parents!

Don’t forget the deadline to place order for Show and Deliver popcorn orders is this Monday, August 31st.  This method of selling popcorn is one of the easiest!   Here’s how it works:

  1. You order your own bags of popcorn from our brilliant and ever-popular Pack 811 website.
  2. Your popcorn order will be ready for pick-up from your Pack Leadership team on September 19th
  3. Sell popcorn directly to customers face-to-face!  Research has shown that customers are much more willing to purchase if they can obtain the product immediately!  This method also saves a lot of time since your customers don’t have to wait for an order to be filled.  Also, it isn’t necessary to make a return visit to your customers to deliver their order or collect payment, since the transaction occurs up front!
  4. Money collected for the sale of popcorn will not be due until after you sell the popcorn.

Please click HERE to place your order no later than August 31st to ensure your desired inventory will be available for you.   Additional orders may be placed after this date, but will be limited to on-hand inventory. Please choose the amount carefully because you are responsible for all the popcorn and kits you order.

You can also take orders using the order form sent to you from Trail’s End.  You simply “take orders” from friends and family and deliver their popcorn and kits when the products arrive in November.  If you can’t find your order form, you may download a copy here.

Finally, we are working on the schedule for Show and Sell. We will be selling popcorn and kits at various local businesses and retailers. Details and schedules for these Show and Sell opportunities will follow as soon as the schedule is finalized, so stay tuned!  Any scout who participates in the Show and Sell shift will be included in a drawing for some cool prizes.

As on the past, the money earned through popcorn and first aid sales is essential to fund all of our events and awards. We need EVERY family to participate in some way.

Good luck everyone!

Yours in Scouting,

Jo Rivera