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Stay Connected!

Our Pack calendar resides in Scout Mangager, but a calendar feed is available which allows options for connecting directly to it for tracking activities and overlapping it with their personal or work calendars. Here are some ways to stay connected.

IPhone or IPod Touch:

The IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch allow you to add additional calendars to view on the device. Basically the device takes the Pack calendar and displays it two ways. Either by just viewing the Pack calendar or by viewing the Pack calendar over your personal calendar on your phone. You can change the way the calendar is viewed at anytime very easily. This DOES NOT modify your calendars on the phone in any way. To add the Pack calendars to your IPhone or IPod Touch follow the steps below.

1. On your IPhone go into the Settings button. Then select “Add account.”
2. You will be given a list of different types of accounts you can add, such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, etc. At the bottom select “Other.” The next menu will have sections titled Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. In the calendar section select “Add Subscribed Calendars.” The next screen you see will have a prompt “Server” and in light grey you’ll see “”
3. In the prompt copy the following text EXACTLY as it’s shown. (If you display this post on your phone, you can also copy and paste.)

For the Pack Events use:

4. Select next and follow the prompts. Your phone will search the web and connect to the calendar. And you’re done!
5. Repeat above steps to add additional calendars.

Your Own Google Calendar

Don’t have a fancy smart phone?  Why not create your own Google Calendar for other family events, and then add the appropriate pack calendars to overlay your family calendar?  On a single calendar, you can view all your relevant appointments without all the re-typing.  Follow the steps below to create your own combined calendar:

1. Go to and click on ‘Create an Account’.  Note: If you currently have a gmail account or other google account, you can add a calendar to that account.
2. Follow the prompts to create an account, and log-in.
3. Click on ‘Calendar’ from the top menu.
4. Add the pack calendars to your new calendar:

a. Under ‘Other Calendars’ click on ‘Add’

b. Select ‘Add by URL’

c. Copy and paste the appropriate URL in the box:

For all Pack Events use:


Google Calendars can be added to you blackberry using the free blackberry application ‘Google Sync’.  Follow the following steps to set up your Blackberry phone:

1. Because Google Sync will only synchronize calendars associated with one account, it is best to first create your own family Google Calendar and add all desired calendars to this new calendar.  Follow the steps in the previous section to complete this.
2. Once all your desired google calendars are viewable on your own google calendar, you can view detailed instructions on setting up the application here:
3. Once the application is installed on the phone, simple enter the email address associated with your personal google calendar, and you will be given a choice of which associated calendars to display.
4. If your Blackberry phone is connected to a corporate BES server, and you do not wish the new google calendars to appear on your corporate calendar (ie Microsoft Outlook at your office), be sure to change your default calendar to something other than your desktop calendar.

View Calendars in Microsoft Outlook

If you are a regular Outlook user already, it might make sense to make the pack (and school) calendars available along with your current Outlook calendar. Outlook 2007 makes this very simple. (Note: Outlook 2003 does not support his functionality, but it can be adapted with the installation of an add-in program that can be found here.)

Open Outlook and go to Tools / Account Settings.

In Account Settings choose the Internet Calendars tab, click on New… and Paste the URL for the calendar you wish to add from the previous section into the location and click Add.

You then get to the subscriptions screen. Give the calendar a name and description and click OK.

You can now see the calendar in the list in the Outlook sidebar panel.

That is all there is to it! You can repeat the process for each calendar you wish to add.  When finished you may view the calendars side by side, or ‘overlay’ them to see them on a single calendar:

The advantage of connecting to calendar, aside from saving quite a bit of data entry, is that your calendar is instantly updated whenever one of your subscribed calendars changes.  If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.

Blackhawks Get Crafty

Guest Columnist Vincent A. reports on his experience building a candy dish for his Craftsman badge.  The Blackhawks are currently working on their Communicator badge, and have submitted articles to share with the pack on our website.

Have you ever made a candy dish out of a license plate? Well, that’s exactly what we did in one of our den meetings. First, we got an old license plate. Then we had to hammer it with a mallet. It was really loud.

Be careful! You might smash your hand. After, we cut the ends of the plate which made it jagged. Next, we had to fold the ends with tweezers and shape it into a box. I use my box to put things like pens, a game ball, and a medal. This was such a fun activity. I hope you get to do the same thing.


–Submitted by Blackhawk Vincent

Scouts Race to Victory

Derby(1) The pack’s annual Pinewood Derby was held a few weeks ago and it was yet another opportunity for our boys and scouting families to have fun and do their best.  Over 60 cars handcrafted by Scouts, siblings, and “big kids”, raced down the shiny track, and the 8 fastest competed in a final champion round.  Almost all races were very close, with only small fractions of seconds separating the champions from the rest of the pack.  While a few boys walked away with metals and ribbons, all scouts were victorious in demonstrating their Scout Spirit.

Once again our Scouts came up with some truly creative designs for their vehicles. The design winners for each category, as voted on by those who attended, are:

Best Paint Job:
Trent E., Keagan C., Cruz P.
Best Scouting Theme:
Joseph T., Collin H., Noah G.
Fastest Looking:
Christopher S., Adrian L., Hunter T. 
Best Use of Stickers:
Parker M., Ryan S., William J.
Scariest Looking:
Adam D., Sebastian S., CJ T.
Most Patriotic:
Aiden H., Dylan Diego V., Nicholas B.
Most Hilarious:
Ian R., Matthew E., Calvin H.
Tastiest Food:
Zachary W., Darin L., Sebastian D.
Best Sports Theme:
Ben W., Dominic C., Jack S.
Best Superhero Theme:
Anthony O., Justin R., Adam G.
Most Futuristic:
Cooper C., Dean K., David L.
Best Video Game Theme:
Aiden A., Matthew B., Ryan S.
Best Name:
Dean D., Xavier K., Gavin C., Mitchell D.

The Race Medal Winners from each den are:

Tigers: (1st place) Xavier K. (2nd place) Adam D. (3rd place) Sebastian S.
Wolves: (1st place) Sebastian D. (2nd place) Matthew E. (3rd place) Joseph T.
Bears: (1st place) Jeffrey M. (2nd place) Christopher S. (3rd place) Keagan C.
Webelos I: (1st place) Collin H. (2nd place) Justin S. (3rd place) Matthew B.
Webelos II: (1st place) Aiden A. (2nd place) Trent E. (3rd place) Gavin C.

Emily J. took first place in Sibling Race, and Matthew R. had the fastest time of the day and took first place and bragging rites for the next year for winning the “big kid” race.

A close finals round with some of the 8 fastest cars determined the Pack Champions:

Derby(34) First Place:  Aiden A. with his car “Mario Cart”
Second Place:  Matthew B. with his car “360”
Third Place:   Justin S. with his car “Green Machine”

Of course, this fun event could not have taken place without many dedicated volunteers.  This “pit crew” took care of the hundreds of details required for such an event, including activities such as assembling, decorating, procuring, cooking, operating, printing, recording, calculating, announcing, cleaning, and inspiring.  Photos of the event are available in our Albums.

The actual race times are available HERE— (same password as pictures required)

Congratulations Scouts, and thank you scouting families!  Here is a composite of this year’s creative designs:


Scout Sunday February 15, 2015

A Scout is Reverent

A Scout is reverent toward God.
He is faithful in his religious duties.
He respects the beliefs of others.

St. Angela Merici will observe Scout Sunday with the parish community at the 11:15 am Mass on Sunday February 15th.

Scouts will assemble in front of the church in Class A uniforms at no later than 11:00 am to participate in the procession into the church.

Pack 811 families are invited to attend and support our Scouts and they show their commitment to a Scout’s “Duty to God”

Blue and Gold Invitation

youreinvitedOur annual Blue and Gold Banquet is approaching quickly and this year is shaping up to be another outstanding event.  This is a special night for our pack as it commemorates 36 years as a pack and 85 years of Cub Scouting.  The banquet is a catered event for the entire family which includes rank advancement, special awards and recognition, and culminates in the prestigious Bridging Ceremony for our Webelos II’s moving into Boy Scouts.

Please join us on Sunday, February 22nd from 4pm to 7pm in the Church hall to celebrate the achievements of our boys.  Because of the space limitation in the hall, this invitation is limited to Scouts and their immediate family.  Webelos II families that are bridging may invite up to 4 additional people to attend.  We ask that every family RSVP by Monday, February 9th so that we can be sure to have the right amount of food for everyone in attendance.  

This will be an event you will not want to miss!

Please R.S.V.P. here.




Religious Emblems

Duty to God is not only part of the Cub Scout Promise, but a big part of our effort in Pack 811.  All Cub Scouts are able to earn one of two Religious Emblems, The Light of Christ and the Parvuli Dei.  Scouts who complete any of these two programs are also entitled to wear the BSA Religious knot.


The Cub Scout emblems are to be worked on with the family. It is not a den activity. The emblem should take 2-3 months to complete.  The Cub Scout needs to complete the work book associated the emblem they are trying to achieve.

The Light of Christ (for Tigers and Wolves) and Parvuli Dei (for Bears and Weblos) workbooks must be completed and reviewed for a submission to be deemed complete.  I will schedule sessions to review and validate that all the requirements of the workbook are complete.

Den Leaders will provide a count of how many workbooks they will need for their den.  Please provide to Joseph Stambersky by July 15 so the workbooks can be ordered and distributed.

The deadline to complete the Religious Emblem booklets this year is September 30, 2014.  After they are completed, they will be reviewed and candidate names will be submitted to the Diocese.   The emblem is typically awarded at a Orange County Council ceremony (scheduled for Jan 24, 2015).


2014 Recipients




The Raingutter Regatta is Coming!! Saturday, July 12th, 2014

raingutter_regatta-trimaran2Everyone in the family is welcome to this fun event.  For those new to the regatta, this is a fun outing where the Scouts propel their home made boats along a “rain gutter” using nothing but air-power.   We will have a separate race for all siblings that want to join in on the fun as well (additional kits are available at the scout shop).  All Scouts should wear their Class B pack t-shirt.

Pre-Race Judging in the following categories starts at 9:45 am:

  • Best maritime theme
  • Most colorful
  • Best scout theme
  • Most patriotic theme
  • Most creative design
  • Best Name

The race will be held at the SAM Lunch Shelter.   Snacks and drinks will be provided. If you have not started creating your sailing craft yet, don’t worry, as a Scout can assemble it in just a few minutes and decorate it any way he wishes. Scouts will be provided a kit at no charge. If you have not received your kit yet, please register HERE and contact Joseph Stambersky as soon as possible!  Please review the Official Rules below prior to building your crafts.


1. Official Kit Required
Note that the boat design has changed this year.  The boat must be newly built for this event. The boat should be substantially built by the Scout. Parental supervision in the construction of the boat is encouraged. The boat should be assembled from the B.S.A. Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kit parts only. Additional decals, paint, and glue are permitted. (Additional Kits and decals are available at the Scout Shop.)

2. Length, Width and Weight
Outriggers/Hull: The Outriggers must be no longer than 7″ or shorter than 6 1⁄2″. The finished boat must be 3-1/4″ wide, which is the dimension of the molded hull. The outriggers must be solid and not split into multiple parts and must be evenly placed. The outriggers should be cut on the leading edge as shown in the enclosed instructions. One may not be placed ahead of the other.

Mast: The mast may not be higher than 7” from the deck, nor shorter than 6” from the deck. The boat requires no keel or rudder and none may be added. The mast MUST BE perpendicular (90 degrees) to the hull, angling the mast in any direction is not allowed. The mast hole is molded into the top of the plastic hull and is the only placement allowed for the mast. No deviations will be allowed and no modifications to the hole are allowed.

Sail: Must use the sail provided in the kit. It may be trimmed, but cannot be enlarged or added to, but may be decorated. The sail should be attached securely to the mast or craft.

No other form of propulsion besides the sail and the straw provided is allowed.
Decorations may not be placed in such a manner as to change the boat dimensions as listed above. It is HIGHLY recommended that they be painted or at the very least seal the outriggers to prevent them from retaining water.

Inspection and Registration:
Each boat must pass a technical inspection and be registered before it may compete.

3. Miscellaneous
The boat must be a supplied B.S.A. Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kit. The sail must be the one supplied with the B.S.A. Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kit.  Racers cannot touch the craft or water during the race. All competitors and their families are expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the standards of the Cub Scout Motto. The Derby Chairperson has the right to disqualify those cars from the official scout race that do not meet these specifications. Any disputes, challenges, or controversies shall be resolved by a majority vote of the event executive committee consisting of the Derby Chairperson, Cubmaster and Pack Committee Chair. Please contact Joseph Stambersky for any questions.

Hope to see everyone there!


Scout-O-Rama is Coming!

WSOCC RamaHello Scout Families!

As Mr. Koos mentioned at our last pack meeting, Scout-O-Rama is coming up on May 10th, and Coupon Book Sales have officially begun!

What are Coupon Books?

This year, our local Portola district has created it’s own “Community Coupon Book” which is different than the rest of the Scouting districts in Orange County.  It contains over 50 coupons, and ALL of the coupons are for restaurants, stores, and other establishments in North Orange County! The use of 1 or 2 coupons will pay for the $10 book.   It really looks to be an easy sell this year. 

Why should I sell these?

The proceeds from these books helps to pay for the camping properties that we use in Orange County, as well as help pay for our own pack program.  We are asking every Scout to sell at least one $10 book.  This is a minimal investment to help both our council camps and our pack, and the return on this investment is off the charts.

Of course, we encourage all scouts to sell more than their 1 required book.  Scouts will receive a raffle ticket for every 2 books they sell.  The raffle winner will receive a $30 Gift Card of their choice.  Scouts who sell at least 5 books will receive a $20 discount off of Summer Day Camp.  For every 15 books sold, the scout will receive a $20 gift card of their choice.

How can I sell them?

Every Scouting family can probably use 1 or 2 books themselves.  One of the tickets in the book is a family entrance pass to the Scout-O-Rama on May 10th.  They should also be an easy sell for the regular buyers – family, neighbors, and work associates.  You are also welcome to coordinate selling in front of a store or other establishment — just be sure to gain permission from the store before selling them.

We did make a reservation at Ralphs for a few days this week.  There are only 12 shifts available so far, but we are looking to add more.  They are first- come – first serve via this SIGNUP FORM.  (you will be notified if you made the cut).

How can I get some Books?

Mr. Koos will be distributing the books via den meetings, but scouts can arrange to pick up books in advance of the their meeting directly with him.  Those that are signed up to sell at Ralphs this week will be notified how to pick up their tickets.   All moneys for tickets must be turned in by the next pack meeting on April 27th.

Please contact Mr. Koos or Mr. Remley if any questions.  Please help us to pay back to the Scouting program in Orange County.

Thank you!

 Mr. Koos and Mr. Remley

Wolves Get in the Spirit of Giving

Wolves present the gifts they made The Mighty Wolves had the opportunity to make a gift for someone at their last den meeting.  The boys worked on elective 9 – “Let’s Have a Party” and made a Christmas Gift anyone would enjoy.  The boys filled Christmas Mugs with hot chocolate and marshmallows, wrapped them with cellophane, and tied a bow.  The boys are going to make a custom card for someone with instructions:  “just add hot water and enjoy!”.  Check out more adventures of the Wolf den in our Photo Albums.