Pack 811 Go Karts Race to Victory!


Saturday’s gray skies and threatening clouds weren’t enough to keep Pack 811 families from enjoying a thrilling day at the races!  Nestled in the charming North Hills area of Brea with the sounds of cheers and applause from fans of every age, Pack 811 Scouts zoomed down the raceway on Oakcrest Avenue, powered only by eagerness, determination, and gravity.   The Go-Karts, hand built by Scouts and their parent pit crews, survived the rugged asphalt course and earned each of their drivers a place in the annals of pack race history.

The race would not have been possible without the kindness of the friendly residents Oakcrest Avenue.  A special thank you goes to Vicky and David Ladjevic for obtaining permission from their neighbors to make use of their street for the day.    An event such as this is never possible without the effort of many helpful volunteers, including a few special siblings (Matthew R., Bradon H., Alizea H.) who hauled weights and go-karts up the hill dozens of times!  The Pack would also like to thank all of the parents who assisted with set-up, clean-up and hauling of materials for the event.

Nineteen teams competed for design awards.  The teams of “Vinny Paul“, “Zelda“, “Hinz Racing“, “Cruz’n“, “Space Race“, “Blue Dogs“, “Mac“, “Blue Lava“, “Cuya“, “Barca“, “Dom Vader“, “Vin-Dar”, “Blue Flames”, “Flying Dalmations”, “DeLaCruz Flyer”, “Speedy Steve” “Team Raptor”, “Super Chargers”, and “OliverCool” each won a coveted Pack 811 Racing patch for their members.   The fastest of the racers also brought home medals!  In 1st place: Christopher S., 2nd place: Ryan S., and 3rd Place: Jack S.

As usual, Pack 811 Scouts demonstrated exemplary team work, courage and sportsmanship.

Thank you to all the racers and race fans!

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