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Three Ways to Sell Popcorn and First Aid Kits!

Three ways to sell popcorn and first aid kits

Hi Scouts!
We now have 3 ways to sell popcorn and first aid kits.
The first one you know about, the Take Home Orders.  You take your order forms and go door-to-door.  Your customer chooses the products they want to buy and you deliver it on November 19th.

The second way is Show-n-Sell.  This is when we sell popcorn and kits directly to customers at  St. Angela Merici Church and at the banks.  There is a couple of little twists this year.  At St. Angela, we can only have 4  boys selling at each mass on Saturday September 24th, and Sunday, September 25th and each scout MUST have a parent present.  The shift is 45 minutes so sign up as soon as possible.

We will be selling at two banks, Bank of America and Banco Popular, on Friday, September 30th and Saturday October 1, and each shift is only 1 1/2 hours long.  We need as many boys as we can for these days.

Each shift at church, earns you ONE raffle ticket.  Shifts at the banks are worth TWO raffle tickets.  We will be raffling off iPrizes at our pack meeting in October.

Our newest way to sell is Show-n-Deliver.  Scouts will be able to order their own separate set of popcorn and kits . Customers are able to select from your product selection.  You then hand over the product and collect the money right then and there.  Place your order before September 2nd from the link below and you will receive your shipment on September 24th.  You are responsible for these items and payment for them is due on November 1.  If you are unable to sell your products by October 22nd, you can return up to 10% of your order to us.  Please choose carefully.

You can find the copies order forms, Show-n-Sell schedule, and Show-n-Deliver order site in the link below.

Click here for our POPCORN page.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!!!