Bears Give a Little Whittle!

The Blazing (and amazing) Bears have earned their Whittling Chip cards! During the month of January, Den 2 had the privilege to receive special training from our very own certified whittling instructor and Pack Committee Chairman, Jim Remley! During the Bear year, Scouts have the opportunity to earn their Whittling Chip by learning safety rules for handling a pocketknife, demonstrating the proper care and use of a pocketknife, and making a carving. Finally, each Scout must read, understand, and promise to abide by the “Knives Are Not Toys” guidelines and the Pocketknife Pledge. The Bears completed these steps and then further practiced their whittling skills by shaving tree branches into cooking sticks for roasting marshmallows over a small campfire in the SAM Amphitheater! Everyone agreed that there’s no better way to celebrate this achievement!

IMG_20150116_162750 IMG_20150116_161226 Check out our Album for more pictures from the event.