Scout Go-Karts Race to Victory

Race Course Cheered on by their families and friends, Pack 811 Scouts zoomed down the raceway at Golden Hill on a warm Saturday morning in July, powered only by determination and gravity.   The Go-Karts,  hand built by scouts and their parent pit crews, survived the rugged asphalt course and earned each of their drivers a place in the annals of pack race history.

The race would not have been possible without the efforts of the Event Coordinator, Mike Rivera, and the dozens of other volunteer pit crew members that put on the race.   Home Depot in Brea also played a critical role by not only sponsoring the race – covering nearly half of the Go Kart costs — but also providing team members to cheer the racers on.

Design Trophy  Twelve teams competed for design awards.  The teams of “Home Depot“, “L.A. Speed“, “Flaming Ninjas“, “Cool Whips“, “Mindcraftia“, “Team Mind Craft“, “Little Rascals“, “Spookaboos“, “Golden Bears“, “The Fast 5“, “Green Lantern Corps“, and “Team Camo” each won a coveted Pack 811 Racing Helmet Trophy for their members.   The fastest of the racers also brought home metals to display on their chests.  In 1st place: Noah G.,  2nd place: Justin R., and 3rd Place: Issac C.

As usual, Pack 811 Scouts demonstrated exemplary team work, courage and sportsmanship.  This first ever pack Go-Kart race was just another event designed for “fun with a purpose”.   Thank you parents and crew members – and great job racers!

Check out more photos of the event in our Photo Albums.

Race Karts Home Depot Cheer Leaders