Pack 811 Sailors Fill their Sails

Pack 811 scouts blew their handcrafted sailboats down a treacherous rain gutter last weekend, showing off their colorful crafts and their great sportsmanship.  All of the boats were decked out in a variety of themes, from the patriotic to the downright strange.  Pictures of the event can be found in our Photo Albums.

Ten scouts brought home ribbons for having their boats voted the best in the following categories by their peers: Best Maritime Theme, Most Colorful, Best Scout Theme, Most Patriotic, and Most Creative Design.

After a fierce series of races, the fastest sailors came away with metals:

Den Champions:

Tiger Den: Isaac C. (1st. Place), Damian C. (2nd Place), Billy J. (3rd Place)

Wolf Den: Ian R. (1st Place), Nicolas B. (2nd Place), Aiden H. (3rd Place)

Bear Den: Diego B. (1st Place), Ian M. (2nd Place)

Webelos I Den: Matthew R. (1st Place),  Chad H. (2nd Place),  Jacob B. (3rd Place)

Webelos II Den: Jacob Williams (1st Place).

Pack Champions:

1st Place: Chad H.

2nd Place: Matthew R.

3rd Place: Ian R.

A great job was done by all scouts!  A special thanks goes to Roxana Borne, Sharon McBenttez, Mike Rivera, Brad Halderman, and Peter Gambino for helping put together another fun event for our boys.