Time to Order Your Pack Apparel!

It is time again to order our yellow “class B”  T-shirts,  and we are taking orders so we can be sure to get enough supply for everyone.  Note that this year we will have different shirts for the Webelos Scouts,  and we are also offering T-shirts for siblings and family members so everyone can feel a part of the pack family.  If your Wolf or Bear scout already has a yellow class B shirt, there is not a requirement to purchase another unless you would like.  The way these boys grow and play, however, it’s always a good idea to get a few extra.

We are also making available optional lightweight jackets with our pack number or logo embroidered on the front.  These can be used to hold all those patches that don’t go on the regular scout uniform.  Note while the youth jacket sizes seem to be standard, the adult jackets do run a little small.

To help keep track of these orders, we now have a Pack Store on our website (it is located on the Parent Resources Menu).  You will be asked to create a unique store log-in when you check out. Please place your orders as soon as possible!