Camp Cherry Valley Deposits Due

Hi there Bears and Webelos…

Its time to get our reservation sent in for our camp Aug 21-24… It will be a busy month in August with Family Camp earlier that month… so I am here to help coordinate the sending in of deposits ONLY for Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island.

I spoke with Maggie at the San Gabriel Council today for an update on how many spots were left for us to sign up… she said that we are in great shape if we get the Deposits ( 25%) to her by Feb 1st. Payments in full are also welcomed.

So… if you are still interested in going… please get the check ready payable to the San Gabriel Council and I can get it from you either this weekend at Pinewood Derby or during the week next week. I will cut off accepting $$ on Jan 30th at Catholic School’s open house.

If you are still up in the air, you are more than welcome to wait but you will have to coordinate with Maggie for a spot, etc. just as an fyi… the spots are usually sold out by the end of Feb.

This camp is a super busy, all day fun filled camp.. the cost covers the ride over and back on

┬áthe boat, food, a tent is provided for you and they do a SUPER great job at food and providing FUN. In addition, those who go must take a swim test ( Adults also) and the 3 days usually fulfills half of the requirements of the 18 months of Webelos… that in itself is a WIN WIN!

Usually one scout and one parent go.. the tents are- 2 man- and in the past there has been a nightly contest for the loudest┬ásnorers…

So…. anyone interested???

Click the image to see the flyer and if any questions, please call or email me.

Yours in scouting,