Scouts Aim for Big Prizes!

Just TWO more weeks remain for our biggest fundraiser of the year.  So far our scouts have done a fantastic job – selling almost 30% more in this year’s show and sell events than last year’s.  With the addition of the first aid kit option, we expect big numbers for those take home sales as well! Besides helping parents lower their costs for camp and other pack events, your scout’s sales also help earn themselves some very cool prizes!  Mr. Wemple will be awarding the first of these prizes with an iPod Shuffle raffle for those who worked a shift at the Church or banks at tomorrow’s pack meeting.  Click on the prize sheet to see all of the prizes available this year.

All take home order sheets must be turned into your Den Leader,  Mr. Lising or Mr. Remley by Saturday, October 30th. Any order sheet turned in late will not have any popcorn available for it. If possible, please retain a copy of your order form before turning in the original.    Just an idea – your scout will be in his Class A uniform after tomorrow’s pack meeting – this would be a great time to to give more neighbors a chance to buy some popcorn and first aid.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Popcorn Kernel.