Webelos II Kayak the Upper Newport Bay

The Webelos 2 Cobras den headed south today to the Newport Aquatic Center and took a two hour kayaking tour of the upper Newport Bay with a naturalist. The naturalist guided us up the bay into the estuary, and educated all of us on the aquatic and bird life in the bay. We saw great blue herons, skimmers, snowy egrets, and may other birds. It was an exciting adventure with the bonus of avoiding the scorching heat in Brea that morning. In addition to the tour, Casey J. and Kalel G. earned their Naturalist activity pin. Pictures of the outing are in the den 1 photo albums.

One thought on “Webelos II Kayak the Upper Newport Bay”

  1. Sounds awesome! Today kayaking with egrets, and in less than a year they’ll be hiking with some eagles…

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