Day Camp Update

Greetings Parents and Day Camp Volunteers!

Day Camp is just a few days away.  This year, Pack 811 will be the largest contingent at the camp.  Thank you to all of you parents who signed up to volunteer at camp — you are helping us demonstrate to others how seriously we take the Scouting ideal of Service.

Here some some essentials about camp:

Dress should include the camp T-shirt, shorts or jeanscomfortable closed-toed shoes, and a layer of sun screen.  A den hat is advisable.  We will be distributing the camp T-shirts at the Bike Rodeo this weekend.  Your Den Leader will have your shirts available the first day of camp for those who can’t make the Rodeo.

Check-in time is between 8:00 and 8:20. On Monday morning you will check in at the main camp tables, and on every other day you will sign in and out with your Den Leader.  DO NOT drop off or pick up your child without signing in or out — doing so will trigger a mandatory camp-wide search procedure.  Pick up time is between 3:15 and 3:30.  If your scout will be dropped off or picked up by another parent, they must have a signed release from you.  There will be no charge to enter Craig Park for drop off and pick up during the above times.  If you are late or early, you will be required to pay the entrance fee ($3) to drive into the park.  For those Volunteers who did not make the training sessions, you can pick up an all day parking pass from your den leader (you still need to enter and exit during the above times).

Everyone who attends camp should bring a sack lunch, water / Gatorade, and sun screen.  A camp chair or blanket is advisable.

Following are the parent volunteers acting as Den Leaders during the week.  Please look for them for the daily sign in and out:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tigers  Rox B / Lena Q Roz E / Vic G Elva P / Rox B Jeff M / Rox B  Carlos Q / Roz E 
Wolves Jim R / Jeff H Jeff H / Robin B Jim R / Matt C Amy H / Mari R Jim R / Shawn J
Bears  Patty D / Roz E  Patty D / Darlene R / Jim R  Patty D / Roz E Dean G / John D 


The Tiger den is looking for a rolling ice chest and wagon to use for the week.  Please contact Roz if you can provide one.   All others who signed up to volunteer can contact Margaret Palmer to sign up for one of the activity stations if you haven’t already done so.

See you Monday morning!