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Tigers Visit Fullerton Police Dept.

The Lightning Tigers made a visit to the Fullerton Police Department on Friday, October 12, 2012 where they were greeted by Councilman Greg Sebourn.  The tour through the police station included visits to the dispatch (911) communications room and holding cells (jail).  The most exciting part of the tour was sitting in the patrol car and having the motorcycle officer turn on his siren and lights!

The Tigers ended their tour with a visit to the Fullerton Council Chambers at City Hall and took pictures in the arias where our Mayor and Council members sit during their meetings.  Thank you Councilman Sebourn for helping arrange Den 2’s Go See It!

Tigers Learn Scout Skills

The Tiger Den learned some new scout skills this month.  The boys practiced some basic first aid, how to tie a square knot, and how to set up a tent.  They are ready to show those Webelos a thing or two at Family Camp! 
Scouts who didn’t make our den meeting can still practice their square knot using our new KNOTS PAGE.  (Just remember: right over left, then left over right!)
The Tigers are now looking forward to preparing dinner for their parents and participating in some fun games at our family picnic on May 14th at 5pm.  Parents should look for a sign up sheet in their email in the next few days.  This will be our last den gathering as “Tigers” as we will look forward to howling like Wolves at the June campfire.