Scouts Do Their Best at the Pinewood Derby

dscn3494 The pack’s annual Pinewood Derby was held this past weekend and it was yet another opportunity for our boys and scouting families to have fun and do their best.  Over 60 cars handcrafted by Scouts, siblings, and “big kids”, raced down the shiny track, and the 8 fastest competed in a final champion round.  Almost all races were very close, with only 0.0059 seconds separating the Pack Champion and second place.

City of Brea mayor and Rotary Club President Brett Murdock was on hand to present the pack with $500 for ongoing support from the Brea Rotary.

While we always have clever designs at our races, this year our boys came up with some really ingenious creations. The design winners for each category, as voted on by those who attended, are:

Best Paint Job:
Ben W., Mitchell D., Justin S.
Best Scouting Theme:
Matthew R., Aiden A., Noah G.
Fastest Looking:
Trent E., Justin R., Vinni P.
Best Use of Stickers:
Nicholas B, Dean K., Dean D., Joshua W.
Scariest Looking:
Ian R., Jack S., Jackson N.
Most Patriotic:
Dylan Diego V., CJ T., Collin H.
Most Hilarious:
Jeffrey M., Evan P., Ian M.
Tastiest Food:
David L., Sebastian D., Vincent N.
Best Sports Theme:
Matthew B., Justin R., Braden H.
Most Creative:
Jacob W., Kegan C., Jason F.
Most Futuristic:
Trent E., Isaac C., Vincent A.
Best Video Game Theme:
Benjamin G., Jacob B., Daren L.
Best Name:
Carlo V., Adam G., Dominic C., Hunter T., Sam W.

The Race Medal Winners from each den are:

Tigers: (1st place) Joseph T. (2nd place) Jack S. (3rd place) Daren L.
Wolves: (1st place) Isaac C. (2nd place) Christopher S. (3rd place) Jeffrey M.
Bears: (1st place) Ian R. (2nd place) Collin H. (3rd place) Mitchell D.
Webelos I: (1st place) Trent E. (2nd place) David L. (3rd place) Jackson N.
Webelos II: (1st place) Vinni P. (2nd place) Braden H. (3rd place) Matthew R.

Mack J. took first place in Sibling Race, and John Spielman took first place and bragging rites for the next year for winning the “young at heart” race.

A close finals round with some of the 8 fastest cars determined the Pack Champions:

derby-winners First Place:  Vinni P. with his car “Veyron X3 P14”
Second Place:  Trent E. with his car “Blue Blazer”
Third Place:  Ian R. with his car “The Deathmobile”

Of course, this fun event could not have taken place without the dedicated volunteer pit crew led by Event Chair Warren Biederstadt. This crew took care of the hundreds of details required for such an event, including activities such as assembling, decorating, procuring, cooking, operating, printing, recording, calculating, announcing, cleaning, and inspiring. This crew included:

Warren Biederstadt, Paul Hinz, Amy Hinz, Peter Gambino, John DiMario, Matt Sikes, Brad Halderman, Shawn Jamison, Jo Rivera, Scott Wemple, Jeff McEntee, Patti Di Mario, Debbie Felix, Remon Girgis, Rowen Pastrana, David Ladjevic, Andre De La Cruz, Jim Remley, Steve Corona, John Koos, and many others who jumped in to help whenever they saw a need.

Photos of the event will be posted soon. If you have some pictures that you can share, please upload them for all to enjoy.  A printout of all race records is available here.

Congratulations Scouts, and thank you scouting families!  Here is a composite of this year’s creative designs: