Go-Kart Racers : Prepare to Race!


Attention Scouts:

It’s time to prepare for Pack 811’s first ever Go-Kart race. Many of you know how to make miniature race cars that speed down a track, but now it’s time to build a life size race car and drive it to victory!

How it will work:

Teams of 1 – 5 scouts from the same den can sign up to build a Kart.  All team members will compete individually in their kart.  Karts must be assembled from official Pack 811 kits.  ALL required components (pre-cut wood, fasteners, seat belt, wheels) are included in the kit.  Scouts will assemble the Kart and paint it any theme they choose.


Each Kart kit costs $35 (which can be divided by the team members), and can be picked up from Mike Rivera  between June 26 and July 9, however, all teams MUST SIGN UP by July 4th.   Race day is Saturday, July 13, between 9:30am and 12:00noon.  The race will be held at Golden Hill Elementary School, located at 732 Barris Drive in Fullerton.  

Note that the cart cost has been substantially reduced thanks to our sponsor, Home Depot.  

Please click on the image to the right to view the build and safety rules for the race.

Design awards will be given to the teams with the coolest designs,  race awards will be given to the fastest racer, and a cool patch will be awarded to all participants.

PLEASE SIGN UP YOUR TEAM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  All teams will sign up here:

>> SIGN-UP <<