Popcorn Fundraiser: It’s almost over!

Hi Scouts and Scout Families,

As quickly as popcorn season got here, it is now almost over.  All of you did a terrific job at the Show-n-Sell at the church and the banks. 46 scouts sold close to $3000 in product in those three days. Those scouts are now eligible for the raffle of the iPods and other cool prizes at our pack meeting on Sunday, October 21st at St. Angela Abraham Room.

For those of you who are interested in selling bags of popcorn in your own neighborhood or Show-n-Deliver, we have some inventory left.  Click HERE to go to our Pack store and order some of the remaining popcorn.  Supplies are very limited and will not last long.  We’ll arrange a pick up with you.

The Take Order forms for both the popcorn and first aid kits are due by Friday, October 26.  I must have those in or else we cannot order your products.  If you have been collecting money along with your orders, we can take those too.  Please exchange all collected cash for a check made out to the pack prior to turning your money. You can either give them to me or to Mr. Remley.

Popcorn distribution will be on Saturday, November 17 at St. Angela and all the money will be due on Friday, December 7.

I can’t tell you how terribly proud we are of all of you.  We are so close to earning enough money for our new Pinewood Derby Track.  Don’t stop until you hit your goal!!!

Yours in Popcorn,

Christian Lising
Popcorn Kernel
Pop Doc
King of Pop…corn