Pack 811 Racers Show Great Spirit

This year’s Pinewood Derby was a great showing of creativity, competition, and most evedent, Scout Spirit.  Over 75 cars built by Cub Scouts, their siblings, and a few by “big kid” parents raced down our track to the cheers of the largest crowd gathered yet.  Congratulations to all scouts on their achievements, and especially to our champions listed below.   A big THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers who worked so hard to make a wonderful memory for our boys.  Be sure to check out the photo albums to see our boys in action.

Pack Race Champions:

First Place:  “The Force” by Christopher G.  (Webelos II Den)
Second Place: “Popcorn Prize Machine” by Matthew R.  (Wolf Den)
Third Place: “Dragon” by William B.  (Webelos I Den)
Fourth Place:  “American Eagle” by Alex S.  (Webelos I Den)                        

Den Race Champions:

Tiger Den:  1st. Place: Trent E.  2nd. Place: Daniel G.  3rd. Place: Diego B.
Wolf Den:  1st. Place: Matthew R.  2nd. Place: Jacob G.  3rd. Place:
Vinni P.
Bears Den:  1st. Place: Eric S.  2nd. Place: John R.  3rd. Place:
Steven G.
Webelos I Den:  1st. Place: Nick T.  2nd. Place: William B.  3rd. Place:
Alex S.
Webelos II Den:  1st. Place: Christopher G.  2nd. Place: Alex J  3rd. Place: Casey J.

Design Champions:

Best Paint Job:  “Green Hornet” by Trent E. (Tiger Den)
Best Scouting Theme: “Speed Scout” by Jacob B. (Wolf Den)
Fastest Looking: (tie) “Silver Bullet” by Jacob W. (Bear Den) and 
                          “Black Bullet” by Ethan Leal (Bear Den)
Most Origional: “Sam’s Pizza Slice” by Sam W. (Wolf Den)
Best Use of Stickers: “Vans Attack” by Adam P. (Tiger Den)
Scariest Looking: “Jaws” by Adrian P. (Tiger Den)
Most Patriotic: “American Eagle” by Alex S. (Webelos I Den)
Most Environmentally Friendly: (tie) “Orbiter” by Matthew M. (Bear Den) and
                                                    “Popcorn Prize Machine” by Matthew R. (Wolf Den)
Most Fun: “Sam’s Pizza Slice” by Sam W. (Wolf Den)
Best Name: “Who Cut the Cheese” by Tyler B.  (Bear Den)