Congratulations Derby Winners!

The pinewood derby is always a favorite for scouts and their families, and this year’s derby was no different.  A record crowd gathered on the afternoon of January 17th to cheer for their favorite hand crafted car race down the track.  Congratulations to all Scouts for their clever car designs and to all for a great race day!

Congratulations to the overall big winners:

First Place:Casey J. (Webelos I Den)

Second Place: Nick L. (Wolf Den)

Third Place: Ethan L. (Bear Den)

Forth Place: Luke C. (Tiger Den)

Congratulations to our individual Den Winners as well:

Tiger Den:  1st. Place: Luke C. 2nd. Place: Jacob B. 3rd. Place: Alexander R.
Wolf Den:  1st. Place: Nick L. 2nd. Place: Stephen G. 3rd. Place: Tyler B.
Bears Den:  1st. Place: Ethan L. 2nd. Place: Nicholas T. 3rd. Place: Matthew M.
Webelos Den:  1st. Place: Casey J. 2nd. Place: Alex J. 3rd. Place: Aaron F.
Webelos II Den:  1st. Place: Christopher V.

The results from the design judging are now in!

Most Original:  1st. Place: Andrew J. 2nd. Place: Jacob G.
Best Theme: 1st. Place: Aaron F. 2nd. Place: Kevin R.
Most Humorous: 1st. Place: Sam W. 2nd. Place: Matthew M.
Most Clever:  1st. Place: Andrew J. 2nd. Place: Sam W.
Best Paint job: 1st. Place: Spencer Z. 2nd. Place: Hunter E.
Fastest Looking: 1st. Place: Grant E. 2nd. Place: Spencer Z.
Best Use of Stickers:  1st. Place: Tyler B. 2nd. Place: Jared D.
Best Scout only Design: 1st. Place: Christopher G. 2nd. Place: Justin N.

See pictures of the race here in the Church Bulletin as well as pictures in the photo album.

Special thanks..

…to Roz Elsenpeter and the following families for their contributions in  making race day fun for all: the Bohms’s, Biederstadt’s, Toller’s, Rodarte’s, Gialamas’s,  Elsenpeter’s, Jones’, Josten’s, and Glasgow’s.

Click on the image to see the 2010 Pinewood Derby Entries:

Most Original

1st Andrew Jones

2nd Jacob Gambino

Best Theme:

1st Aaron Fierros

2nd Kevin Ryan

Most Humorous:

1st Sam Wemple

2nd Matthew Martinson

Most Clever:

1st Andrew Jones

2nd Sam Wemple

Best Paint job:

1st Spencer Zumbek

2nd Hunter Elsenpeter

Fastest Looking:

1st Grant Elsenpeter

2nd Spencer Zumbek

Best Use of Stickers:

1st Tyler Barron

2nd Jared Dinsay

Best Scout only Design:

1st Christopher Glasgow

2nd Justin Nguyen

Final 8 that raced for the Pack Championship:

Jacob Biederstadt

Nick Toller

Luke Currie

Nick Lising

Ethan Leal

Casey Jeanblanc

Stephen Gialamas

Tyler Barron