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Pack 811 Welcomes 9 New Tigers!

Nine new Tigers roared into the pack last Wednesday night.  We would like to welcome our newest Cub Scouts : Steven, Diego, Trent, Daniel, Erik, Jack, Adam, Jake, and Conner.  This bunch looks eager to Search, Discover, and Share together along with their adult partners.
The new Tigers make our pack 56 Scouts strong!  In addition to the new Tigers, we have 18 new Wolves, 13 new Bears, 9 new Webelos, and 7 “experienced” Webelos II Scouts.  
For the first time in quite some time, we also have a fully staffed Pack Leadership team.  With all our parents’ help, this team should make the 2010-2011 year one of the best yet!  Be sure to check the pack calendar for upcoming events, and continue to check the website for important announcements