Blackhawks Get Crafty

Guest Columnist Vincent A. reports on his experience building a candy dish for his Craftsman badge.  The Blackhawks are currently working on their Communicator badge, and have submitted articles to share with the pack on our website.

Have you ever made a candy dish out of a license plate? Well, that’s exactly what we did in one of our den meetings. First, we got an old license plate. Then we had to hammer it with a mallet. It was really loud.

Be careful! You might smash your hand. After, we cut the ends of the plate which made it jagged. Next, we had to fold the ends with tweezers and shape it into a box. I use my box to put things like pens, a game ball, and a medal. This was such a fun activity. I hope you get to do the same thing.


–Submitted by Blackhawk Vincent