Bank Show and Sell

Hi Scouts and Scout Families,

My goodness, you all did so awesome at the Show-n-Sell at the church this past weekend!  We are so proud of all of you.  This Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29 will be the last of the Show-n-Sell days. As before, all scouts and leaders should wear their Class A uniforms.  We will be selling at both entrances of Bank of America and at the entrance to Banco Popular (or Popular Community Bank) in Brea.

We still have a couple of openings for Saturday 12:30 – 2:00pm.  Please sign up HERE if you are interested.

Following are the Scouts scheduled to work this weekend, along with the bank door they should report to. ***Please bring some water and a little snack with you as it may get a little warm***

Friday, September 28
3:00-4:30 pm
Alexander Reed (Banco Popular)
Ben Wemple (Banco Popular)
Sam Wemple (Banco Popular)
Matthew Di Mario (Bank of America)
Mitchell Di Mario (Bank of America)
Eric Steffan (Bank of America)
Stephen Gialamas (Bank of America)
Braden Hinz (Bank of America)
Collin Hinz (Bank of America)

4:30 – 6:00 pm
Matthew Remley (Banco Popular)
Ian Remley (Banco Popular)
Nicholas Lising (Banco Popular)
Jonathan Lynch (Bank of America)
David Ladjevic (Bank of America)
Grant Elsenpeter (Bank of America)
Trent Elsenpeter (Bank of America)
Art Narmi (Bank of America)
Noah Girgis (Bank of America)

Saturday, September 29
9:30 – 11:00 am
Jonathan Lynch (Banco Popular)
Matthew Biederstadt (Banco Popular)
Jacob Biederstadt (Banco Popular)
Damian Castorena (Bank of America)
Ian McBenttez (Bank of America)
Adam Pelayo (Bank of America)
Carlo Villanueua (Bank of America)
Tyler Barron (Bank of America)
Diego Borne (Bank of America)

11:00 – 12:30pm
Matthew Di Mario (Banco Popular)
Mitchell Di Mario (Banco Popular)
Jacob Gambino (Banco Popular)
Matthew Remley (Bank of America)
Ian Remley (Bank of America)
Aidan Halderman (Bank of America)
Jared Dinsay (Bank of America)
Kai Dinsay (Bank of America)
Ethan Duron (Bank of America)

12:30 – 2:00
John Root (Banco Popular)
Adam Cralley (Banco Popular)
Available Spot (Banco Popular)
CJ Trujillo (Bank of America)
Joshua Williams (Bank of America)
William Johnson (Bank of America)
Dean Koos (Bank of America)
Available Spot (Bank of America)
Available Spot (Bank of America)

Yours in Scouting,

Loan Lynch
Christian Lising