April Pack Meeting is at the AFI Flight Training Center

Just when you thought, that our meetings couldn’t be any better…we have outdone ourselves this time!  Our next pack meeting on Sunday, April 10, 2011 will not be at St. Angela’s.  Thanks to Mr. Gialamas, we are going to have it at the AFI Flight Training Center near the Fullerton Airport in an

We will meet at the training center front gate at 12 noon sharp, and be let in together.  We will have our meeting, then we will get history of Fullerton Airport and an overview of flight and how airplanes work.  Each scout will also get a chance to sit in an airplane.  To top it off, our scouts will get a balsa wood airplane which they will race on the airport grounds.
The address is
4119 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, 92833.

Although we will have some snacks available, lunch should be eaten beforehand as it will be a longer (and funner) meeting.   Remember to wear Class A uniforms and bring those cameras.  This is a meeting you won’t soon forget.
Yours in Scouting,
Christian Lising

P.S. If you checked out Scout-o-Rama booklets and you still have some you haven’t yet sold, feel free to bring them to this pack meeting to sell to your fellow scouts who have not yet purchased one.