Let’s go fishing!

To all scouts of Pack 811,

On Saturday, April 24 from 8-10 am we will be fishing at the Huckleberry Pond at the Santa Ana River Lakes in Anaheim.

The pond director will give us a quick 30 minute lesson on how to fish.  Then we’ll apply our new skills to catch trout in the pond.  The pond is stocked Friday afternoon and the director doesn’t feed the fish so they’ll be very hungry for our bait.

There is an entry fee of $2 for each rod that is brought into the area.  They rent out rods for anyone who needs them for an additional $2.  Whatever you catch, you keep and they charge by the pound (about $5/lb).  They will also clean your fish for you.

BRING YOUR CAMERAS. We have never gone to the pond without having caught at least 3 fish.

Your’s in fishing,
Christian Lising

P.S. Did I mention that there is a fishing belt loop for all those who attend?